Find out all you want to know about going online at the BVT Digi-Fayre 2016

Bournville Village Trust Digi-Fayre 2016 poster. Words: Bournville Village Trust invites you to Digi-Fayre 2016

Earlier this month I blogged about next month’s Get Online Week digital inclusion campaign and said that I was hoping to be supporting the week in my home city of Birmingham. Today, I’m pleased to be able to confirm that I will be supporting Bournville Village Trust’s (BVT) ‘Digi-Fayre’ at Bournville Gardens on Thursday 20 October.

Digi-Faye: all you want to know about going online

Bournville Village Trust Digi-Fayre 2016 poster. Subtitle: All you want to know about "Going Online". Thursday 20th October. Drop in any time between 11-6pm.
Bournville Village Trust Digi-Fayre 2016 poster

Bournville Village Trust are holding the Digi-Fayre as part of their ongoing efforts to promote digital engagement. The BVT Community Engagement team, led by Jessica Allan, are in regular contact with residents and have identified a residual minority of people who are currently not online. These tend to be older people as well as residents on low incomes who may struggle with the cost of purchasing equipment and paying for broadband or mobile data plans. Publicity is geared to reaching these groups by writing directly to them and promoting the event at customer service contact points.

Going online is fun

The Digi-Fayre will be structured into five different zone, with each zone focusing on a particular benefit of getting online. I will be delivering the ‘fun zone’, where I’ll be showing people how being online can help you get more from hobbies such as photography and family history as well  allow you to access free and low-cost entertainment via BBC iPlayer and YouTube.

Going online makes life admin less tedious

The Digi-Fayre will also feature more serious zones. My personal favourite is the ‘Life Admin’ zone, where we’ll be showing people how being online makes it easier to pay their rent, access benefits and report problems to the council. There will also be zones on staying safe online, which will hopefully help address the concerns which put them off using the internet.

Partnership working

The Digi-Fayre is a great example of partnership working. While BVT is the lead organisation, it’s been made possible with support from a wide range of local organisations, including:

Support Get Online Week 2016

If this post has inspired you to support digital inclusion in your local area, there’s still time to get involved with Get Online Week 2016.

Visit the Get Online Week website to find your nearest local event. Get in touch with the organisers and see how you can be involved. Even if you can’t spare the time this year, you can still help promote digital inclusion. Do you know a friend or family member who would benefit from getting online? Why not tell them about Get Online Week and encourage them to get along ton event.

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