Why email still matters

Bridget Phillipson MP email newsletter showing photo of MP being interviewed outside the Houses of Parliament

When I talk to potential clients about how they can use digital technology more effectively, often the conversation quickly moves to social media and what platforms a client should use. While it’s great that clients are excited about new opportunities to engage, it’s important they also get the basics right. I was therefore pleased to have the chance to help develop a professional looking email newsletter for Bridget Phillipson MP.

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Tip Tuesday: easily create free QR codes for events with goo.gl URL shortener

Saving a QR code as an image from within a web browser

Have you noticed more and more publicity materials are incorporating a square with a black and white pattern on it?

These are known as QR codes and users with smartphones can scan them to be taken straight to your website or social media profile, where they can find out more information about your project and event.

As it’s #TipTuesday, here’s a quick and easy way you can create your own QR codes for free in less than five minutes.

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Introducing OpenUp Digital

Photograph profile of Francis Clarke, founder of OpenUp Digital. Photo: Stickmanphotography

Today, I’m proud to introduce my new business venture, OpenUp Digital.

OpenUp Digital helps individuals, businesses and community organisations get the most from digital communications. We do this in three main ways:

  • Digital skills training
  • Affordable websites
  • Social media and digital marketing services

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